May Ng
Hi, my name is

May Ng

I'm a UX Researcher in Seattle, WA

Who I Am

In a world reliant on machines, I view UX Research as a superpower that leads to building solutions centered on compassion to the human experience.

If I were a cat, curiousity would have killed me by now. Luckily, as a person, I've created opportunities for myself to explore different fields of interest. My exploration has led me to build a wide range of professional skills and knowledge that are utilized together in harmony within the field of UX.

  • End User
  • Recruiter
  • HR Partner
  • Developer
  • UX Researcher

Curiousity and empathy drive me to connect and learn from the experience of others. I thrive on uncovering context and using insights to guide product direction and solutions that are built on understanding and technical awareness.

I'm a leftie & an ambivert
I drink my coffee black & love milk tea (50% sweet + boba)
I'm that person who looks longingly at your pet as we pass on the street

My Work

IAC Model & Website Redesign
IAC Model & Website Redesign

Let's Work Together!

Have a project or cool opportunity you think I could be a fit for? I'm currently open to opportunities to join a full time team or collaborate on projects.

What is it like working with me?

  • You'll have someone to take a mild interest in what you had for lunch (and maybe a future lunch buddy - if you want)

  • If you have a team activity that needs a hype-person, I could be that person

  • Never fear not having notes again - I'm an avid documenter of all things and love my Notion docs #notsponsored