May Ng

“I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious”

- Albert Einstein

My Story

I'm a first generation Chinese American woman who grew up in a small city in Washington state. A child of immigrant parents who worked hard to own and run their family business, I followed what Subtle Asian Traits would call the "typical path" of an Asian child.

I studied hard and kept advancing in school until I graduated college and got my first career-type job. I had checked off my major goals, but realized "follow your passion" wasn't advice I knew how to follow.

Without a clear life-calling, I've learned to take every job as an opportunity to reflect on what aspects of work I enjoyed most and learn beyond the scope of my role to try new things. After getting to work in a few different fields such as HR and software development, I've been fortunate enough to find the field of UX.

UX blends the relationship building, creative problem solving, and technical side of my former experiences that I connected with the most. I'm energized by how dynamic and meaningful the roles in this field are. From research, information architecture, content strategy, or design, I think I may have found something to call my career passion.

Besides exploring my curiousity in my professional life, I also love to try new creative hobbies. There's always something exciting to learn!

I try to prioritize exploring new places, good food, and spending time with the important people in my life.

Current Pandemic Hobby List:

  • Art

  • Baking Bread - (Sourdough starter's name is Kenny and I almost killed him)

  • Ceramics - Throwing Pottery

  • Houseplants

  • Weightlifting & Spin-Cycling

  • Woodworking & Blacksmithing

Thank You!

I wouldn't have had the privilege of the risks that I've taken to chase new opportunities without an amazing support network. Endless gratitude to the people who have helped me on my journey.

UX: Grace Lau, Jill Christ, Lorelei Lin

Coding & Development: Tommy Coleman, Ethan Hickey, Kevin Tou, Justine Lai, Jessica Chiu, Abby Tiffany, Rosa Pham

Business: Jackie Kelley, Jackie Kiogima

Life: James Stuber and my family